Episode 302: Byzantine, Desultory, River Black 2017 Album Reviews + Arch Enemy Preview + Chevelle, Black Map, & Dinosaur Pile-Up Live Review

Getting Into Gear

Among the album reviews, First Impression, and live review we have for you this week, Nick and I had a little sidebar chat about headphones.  We mention our gear sometimes but, after an experience this week, we felt the need to stress the importance of decent personal listening equipment.  We hope you enjoy the talk (and feel free to participate via comments) but if you really don’t care, I will take this time to remind you that we include chapter skips.


Byzantine The Cicada Tree (Metal Blade)
Desultory Through Aching Aeons (Pulverised Records)
River Black River Black (Season of Mist)

First Impression:
Arch Enemy – “The World is Yours” from Will to Power out September 8th through Century Media

Live Review:
ChevelleBlack Map, and Dinosaur Pile-Up at Irving Plaza in New York City, NY on July 11, 2017

Byzantine – The Cicada Tree

Desultory – Through Aching Aeons

River Black – River Black


  1. I’m confused about the Byzantine release. I funded it on pledge music. Am I supposed to have gotten the album by now? I never got an email from pledge music and when I log on to the site the details are sparse. How did you get the album already? I know you get promos and such, so did you get a promo or did you get your regular release? I need to get the release so I can resolve this.

      1. That’s cool that you got the promo. I did get the email this morning saying my download of the Byzantine album is ready but I’m too busy to listen to it because I’m gearing up to see Iron Maiden tonight!

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